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The Rescue Kit Company

The Rescue Kit Company was founded by Risa and her sister Jess in 2018. Inspired by Risa’s years of solving problems in the styling industry, the curated kits are designed to prevent and solve any potential fashion emergency that may arise. Shop the kits here!

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To be more accessible I have created a way to help as many people as possible through my virtual services. 

I now offer stand alone consulting sessions, quick single question consulting sessions,  and yearly memberships so no matter where you are, I can help. We live in a digital world, so I wanted to offer an easy way to get expert advice, new fresh ideas for where to shop, and give you all my tips on how to dress yourself for all your specific needs. 

Have me in your back pocket for all your burning style questions! Access to my resources, years of experience and more! 

Style and Confidence Coaching Made Easy 

From "Where do I find this?" to "How do I style this?"

Consulting is what I do!

Book 15 mins of time for style advice, problem solving, or simply get a quick expert opinion before you walk out the door! This service is perfect for the serial style advice seeker, the day-of DM-er, and all those last minute Lucy’s that need help in the 11th hour!

*This service is a CALL or TEXT appointment only. 

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